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DOJ Files Antitrust Lawsuit to Block Newspaper Monopoly in California

The Department of Justice has just filed a civil antitrust lawsuit in an effort to block LA Times publisher Tribune Publishing Company from acquiring Freedom Communications Inc (which publishes the Register, in Orange County, CA, and Press-Enterprise, in Riverside County, CA). After Freedom’s bankruptcy auction, Tribune was chosen to be the purchaser, but the bankruptcy […]

Nike to [Finally] Release Sneakers With Self-Tying Laces a la Back To the Future Part II

When Back to the Future Part II hit US theaters in 1989, it not only furthered the story of plucky Marty McFly for fans of the budding trilogy, but it also introduced several technological concepts that the very same fans have been clamoring over for nearly three decades. While hoverboards were easily the most desirable […]

Fitbit To Partner With Amazon Echo Alexa Digital Personal Assistant

The popular Fitbit fitness tracker just got a little more personal, thanks to a partnership with Amazon. Forbes has just reported that the wearable device can now be synced with the Amazon Echo digital assistant known simply as Alexa. The new feature will provide users with vocalized, daily activity reports on your fitness regimen. Of […]

German Court Rules Over Potential Apple Patent Violation

A German district court has just ruled that Apple Inc has violated some patents previously acquired by Swiss security company Kudelski’s OpenTV business. Of course, this could force the massive, powerful, innovative technology company to remove some of its video streaming features currently circulating among popular products that are presently sold in Germany. The ruling […]

How Disney Has Learned From Its Past and its Partners to Reign at the Box Office Again

To hear that a Disney animated film performs well at the box office is nothing new. In fact, to hear that a Disney animated film breaks a box office record is really nothing new either. Snow White, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast…and many more continue to reign as top box office draws in cinematic history. […]

Marketers React Favorably to New Facebook Feature

Facebook has made many changes over the years, and users always have mixed reactions. The social network’s most recent change, though, is guaranteed to result in the same reactions, no matter what. That’s because “Reactions” are exactly what Facebook has changed; or, rather, what they have added. While the company was never, apparently, planning to […]

Does The Gun Industry Market Directly to Children?

There are some things that children don’t need to know about, right? Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence; you know, “grown-up” things. It seems obvious; these are all things that they would not only fail to understand but have no use for. So, for the most part, companies don’t market these products to kids. But some gun […]

Flipkart Launches Brand Story Ads

India-based e-commerce Flipkart has announced, today, they will be going live with Brand Story Ads. This is a new, native, interactive story format filled with content images and product guides that will help brands better tell their stories directly to their target audiences in a refreshing and, most importantly, effective way. The company expresses that […]

Connecticut Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Pharmaceutical Companies from Marketing Direct-To-Consumers

A lawmaker in Connecticut has taken it upon themselves to curb pharmaceutical company direct-to-consumer advertising. Of course, this practice has recently come under yet more fire during the most recent presidential campaign season as well as the American Medical Association. The lawmaker—Rep Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn—argues, “At the end of the day, we should allow informed […]

Rovi Buying TiVo for Price of $1.1 Billion

TiVo, whose name is synonymous with an act of recording live shows on television, will be acquired by Rovi Corp for $1.1 billion, the two companies announced on Friday. In its acquisition of TiVo, Rovi will gain access to analytics about the habits of viewing television, which are provided to media companies and advertisers. Rovi […]

Revenue at Facebook Races Past Expectations on Mobile Ad Surge

Facebook Inc’s revenue for the quarter rose by over 50%, handily outpacing expectations on Wall Street as it highly popular mobile app and its push into live video attracted new advertisers and enticed existing ones to increase their spending. Shares at the company were up 9.5% during Wednesday after hours trading setting the stock on […]

Yahoo Gives Four Seats on Board to Activist Investor Starboard

Yahoo, which is now one of the most embattled giants of Internet, reached an agreement with Starboard Value its activist investor to give the company four seats on its board of directors, including one for Jeffrey Smith the CEO at Starboard, announced the company early Wednesday. Two existing board members will not be standing for […]

Funding Round of $4.5 Billion Completed by Alibaba Affiliate Ant Financial

Ant Financial Services, an affiliate of Alibaba Group the biggest e-commerce business in China has just closed a funding round of $4.5 billion, which paves the way for its long anticipated initial public offering or IPO. CCB Trust, a China Construction Bank Corp subsidiary and China Investment Corp Capital participated in the fundraising of Series […]

Philips Will Likely Sell its Lighting Unit With IPO

On Monday, Royal Philips NV announced it was more apt to sell the lighting business it has through an initial public offering instead of a private sale, which helped to send its share plunging downward. The Dutch group said it is tilting toward the IPO even while it continues to review proposals in its private […]

Brexit Worries Hitting Real Estate in London

The real estate market in London has been hit with worries of Brexit. Investment in offices in central London hit their lowest level in the past five years during the first three months of 2016, due to the referendum on the future of Britain in the European Union. Investment volume for the first quarter of […]

American Airlines Falls as Forecast for Weak Revenue Hits Stocks

U.S. based American Airlines Group announced it had been disappointed with its revenue from the first quarter while cautioning that an industry measure that is closely watched would not turn positive until 2017. Sales fell 4% during the first quarter of 2016 amidst fare competition in the U.S. and economic weakness across Latin America, said […]

Southwest Airlines Beats Wall Street Expectations

Southwest Airlines Co posted profit for the first quarter that beat estimates of analysts and announced it would be speeding the retirement of its oldest aircraft to better manage training of pilots for the newest model of the plane. Southwest’s earnings excluding special items were 88 cents per share, which beat the 84 cents per […]

Walmart and Visa Moving to Speed Up Transactions Using Chip Cards

Additional security is needed, but the new chip-enabled credit and debit cards are taking far longer to process. That has come to the mind of impatient retailers and shoppers alike and many are asking the question about the new technology that started to roll out heavily last year. Now Walmart and Visa said they have […]

Atlanta Braves Tracking Stock Strikes Out on Opening Day

On Monday, the Atlanta Braves struck out and this time not on the baseball diamond. The Major League Baseball team, which Liberty Media owns, made its trading debut as a tracking stock for the John Malone controlled media empire. Investors on Wall Street quickly destroyed the new stock sending its shares free falling by 44.6% […]

Eastern Mountain Sports Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Vestis Retail Group, which operates Eastern Mountain Sports, has filed bankruptcy. This comes after it failed to make sufficient adjustments, in the shopping habit of consumers in the U.S., especially amongst younger people. Vestis also operates Bob’s Stores and Sport Chalet chains and is owned by Versa Capital Management a private equity company based in […]

Spain Rises After Years of Economic Slumps

Spain, just three years ago, was second to just Greece as the symbol of the massive debt and economic stagnation in the euro zone. Three years ago, the unemployment rate was an incredible 27% and the country’s economy was continuing to shrink even as other nations in the eurozone had mounted slight recoveries from the […]

Citigroup Beats Wall Street on Cost Cuts Mitigating Drop in Revenue

On Friday, Citigroup Inc posted profit for the first quarter that beat estimates on Wall Street joining its big rivals in the U.S. in the slashing of costs more than was anticipated amidst a deal making and trading slump. Net income was down 27% to just over $3.5 billion equal to $1.10 per share compared […]

Gap Hires Sonia Syngal As Old Navy President

Gap Inc is seeking to rekindle the sales of its slumping brand Old Navy. The company names Sonia Syngal a longtime executive as its president of Old Navy, as it looks to rekindle declining sales and to expand the fast-fashion model companywide that has helped to turn that brand into a sales engine. Syngal succeeds […]

Verizon Workers on East Coast Strike as Deadline Passes

On Wednesday, thousands of workers at Verizon up and down the East Coast walked off their jobs after the company and two different labor unions could not come to an agreement by the deadline of 6 a.m. set by union reps, over eight months after the expiration of their contracts. The strike at Verizon involves […]

Deutsche Bank Puts Expansion Plans on Halt in North Carolina

In the most recent sign of big fallout over a controversial new law in North Carolina that eliminates the antidiscrimination protections for gay, lesbian and transgender individuals, Deutsche Bank announced on Tuesday it would stop its plans to add another 250 jobs in its location outside Raleigh. The bank, based in Germany, already has over […]

Next Target for Takeover by Pfizer to be American

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer needs growth but the White House administration ruined its plans of merging with Allergan a smaller drug maker based in Ireland. Pfizer’s plans to lower its tax burden were scratched when they called off the merger deal last week. The big question now is what will the pharma giant do now. Of […]

Boeing Receives Boost of $1.5 Billion with Orders of Jumbo Jets

Boeing has landed four new orders that are valued at over $1.5 billion for its jumbo 747 jetliners, giving life to the program that was starving for sales amidst the waning demand for the four-engine aircraft. The orders were posted on the website of Boeing on Thursday and the customer’s identity was not disclosed. The […]

Taco Bell Builds Bot That Orders For Customers

Taco Bell is riding the wave of bots. The Tex-Mex fast food chain has announced a new relationship with Slack the workplace messaging business to offer an ordering service using an artificial-intelligence powered bot. TacoBot as it is aptly named has software that will take advantage of the advancement in AI such as processing of […]

Walgreens Beats the Street on Profit, But Narrows Forecast for 2016 (WBA)

Walgreens (NASDAQ:WBA) was able to beat the expectations on Wall Street for its fiscal second quarter as sales surged. However, the country’s largest operator of a drugstore chain has remained conservative with its latest outlook while dealing with a number of pressures. The company, based in Deerfield, Illinois said on Tuesday it would raise only […]

NBCUniversal Changing Small Screen Marketing, Now To Offer “Programmatic” TV Ads

In an unprecedented move, NBCUniversal announced, on Wednesday, they will begin selling linear TV ad space to advertisers through programmatic tools and advanced data targeting. This means that marketers will now be able to use their own data sets and put to use the ad-buying technology they prefer (like the “demand side platform” offered by […]

Synacor Inc Acquires Digital Advertising Firm Technorati

Upon announcing the acquisition of the privately-held digital advertising firm Technorati, shares of Synacor (NASDAQ: SYNC) jumped up 3 percent, on Tuesday. While the purchase amount has not yet been disclosed, new of the coming together of the technology and monetization provider to video, internet, and communication companies say they expect this deal will be […]

Forbes Makes Push Towards Influencer Marketing

On Tuesday, Forbes Magazine announced a new product which will give its partners more opportunity to publish unlimited content on the BrandVoice platform. This platform aims to help marketers better target those who can influence and contribute the promotion of their content on their behalf, particularly among social media outlets. Forbes announced the launch […]

The Role Marketing Plays in Social Responsibility ROI Strategies

One criticism many major companies receive is that of charitable giving, or lack thereof.   While it is certainly important that companies try to use some of their profit in socially responsible ways, of course, it is not their responsibility to give to charity. At the same time it is not always fiscally responsible to do […]

Analysts Share Concern Over Valeant Pharmaceuticals

The latest analysis from Wells Fargo dictates that shares of Valeant Pharmaceuticals continue to fall—by more than 7 percent—after a bearish research note came out, on Friday. Analysts are now rating the stock as “sell” with a target price range of between $65 and $68. And even after the stock to this hit, it remains […]

Google Adds 13 Languages to Google Translate, Can Now Reach 99 Percent of Online Population

Google has reported that their popular automated translation service, aptly named Google Translate, can now effectively translate 103 languages. While the total number of tongues the AI can interpret is impressive, what matters most, perhaps, is that this number represents approximately 99 percent of the entire online population. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced the […]

Wal-Mart Sales Dip, Forecast Tepid

In morning activity, shares of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. traded more than three points lower, at $62.91. While the day opened significantly lower, the day’s high, so far, only reached $63.89. Unfortunately, the massive retail chain said its profit in the fourth quarter of 2015 registered lower than they expected and already anticipate that revenue for […]

Can We Stop PPC Fraud?

Once the internet hit its tipping point, advertising through the web became commonplace. Sure, the early adopters may have caught the wave early but, for the most part, the web marketing and advertising models we know today really only took off once the advertising industry realized just how many eyes were engaged online every day—and […]

Podcast Marketing Could Be Immensely Profitable, If Not For A Few Complicated Obstacles

While digital technology continues to innovate the fields of entertainment and leisure, it has also brought back an interesting dynamic attributed to the classic transistor radio.     Nearly a century ago, families would huddle around the radio to listen to the latest installment of a radio play or to get the news on an important global […]

How Content Marketing Continues to Rein Over Native Advertising

Even though there has been an obvious rise in native advertising, content marketing continues to rule the digital world. Despite video ads plastered across web pages—and similar pop-up video ads that make you wait to view your page—content marketing holds steady in today’s digital market. A recent study combined info from a survey of more […]

McGraw-Hill Makes Online Tools Free For A Day, College Students Still Prefer Face-to-Face Classes

You may recognize the McGraw-Hill brand, but if you are having trouble pinpointing where you have heard it before, you might need to think all the way back to high school, or maybe even grade school. Yes, McGraw-Hill Education is one of the three textbook publishers public schools rely on to supply textbooks to elementary […]

Don’t Count Them Out: Sega Launches Third Consecutive “Make War Not Love” Promotion

While many people might associate the term “retro-gaming” with the 8-bit NES home console market, Nintendo was not the only the manufacturer in the game, so to speak. Long before the Nintendo Entertainment System made its way into homes, arcade games were all the rage. During the early 1970s, Atari made a simple arcade machine […]